How long have you been thinking about starting a business?

There has never been a better time than now.

No matter what idea, concept or product you have in mind to share with the world, I have designed an Implementation System to get a business idea out of your head and into reality - and help make you happier and wealthier than you are today.


How I Can Help You Now

• If you have a product or service in mind and need help building a plan to go to market.

• If you already have started and need help to formalize the building process.

• If you need helping in brainstorming start-up ideas and business models.

• If you need help with raising capital. I several low-cost options that can help you.

• If you need some personal coaching to help sort out life's challenges determine if youneed to go in a new direction - and, how to do that.

Business Success

-> Create an Attraction System

-> Develop a Customer Approach

-> Create a Presentation Process

-> Develop a Follow Up System

-> Celebrate Your Customers

-> Create Your Own Tribal System

-> Lead By Example - Show Them
the Way

Personal Success

-> Get Clear

-> Disciplined Focus

-> Do Hard Things

-> Success Loves Speed

-> Be Relentless

-> Be Kind & Have Fun

-> Make It a Journey

Start Your Business Now

We have years of experience helping people become successful. We have built long-term remote businesses and look forward to partnering with you and help you do the same.


I have the perfect course to help you get your business started...

Each session has a theme; from business models, funding, product design, HR considerations, to accounting and payroll issues - we'll cover them all.

  • Life can often get in the way of your goals, aspirations and dreams of where your really want to go.
  • This is about changing your life, your direction and your destiny.
  • It's MY commitment to help YOU have a business of your own.
  • I draw on my 40 years of business building, dealing with hundreds of employees over the years to help you start or jump to higher ground.

This Is The Place to Be

I've been so fortunate to work with great people like you! Here's

a few of their comments...

Doug Leen

"Jerome tackles all his life's goals with the same enthusiasm and excellence--whether on high Yosemite granite, snowboarding Idaho back country or taking the curves of a mountain road in his BMW motorcycle. Everywhere Jerome ventures, he leaves a trail of achievement."

Doug Leen, “Captain Doug” Champion of Our National Parks



"Jerome is a professional with a drive to make any business he is part of a success. He is passionate about the journey of building businesses and seeing them succeed. He is the kind of person I would want on my team.”

Aaron Ellsworth, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder www.enjoyit.com

Jana Kemp

“Jerome is an avid reader, learner and active thinker. He’ll prompt so many ideas your head may spin! Without good ideas, nothing new comes forward.”

Jana Kemp

Speaker & Writer


You are in good company!

“There are many things I could say about Jerome, but one quote captures his essence better than anything else: “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it! Begin it now.” – Goethe. If you know Jerome, you will agree with me that this quote pretty well sums him up.”

Wm Breck Seineger

Seiniger Law Offices, P.A.

"Jerome's system for moving from idea to implementation is outstanding. We were able to move from inception, to our first business outing within 4 weeks of our first coaching session. His counsel is direct, insightful, & practical."

Mitch Tippets

Marketing Executive,

Business Coach

Kempo Teacher, 7th Degree Blk Belt



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